Ballast Nedam appointed to build West 8’s bridge design for Oirschot

On 17 May 2018, Ballast Nedam, in collaboration with a team consists of wUrck, Wagemaker, Wijma Kampen and Nauta Heeg, was announced the winner of the tender for the elaboration and construction of West 8's original and monumental Moorland-Bridge design at Wilhelminakanaal of Oirschot city, nearby Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The consultant team led by Ballast Nedam worked on the design criteria set out by West 8 who made the original bridge design and architectural study, together with the municipality of Oirschot. Appointed since 2013 by the municipality of Oirschot as landscape architect and urban designer, West 8 will keep supporting the newly appointed contractor team of Ballast Nedam to realize the bridge in the role of project supervisor.

The team of Ballast Nedam won the competition by successfully staying close to West 8’s original architectural design and the technical requirements set out in the brief. The team managed to optimize certain engineering aspects that complement West 8's monumental design. Construction of the bridge will start in October 2018. Completion of the bridge is expected to be in first half of 2019.

West 8 is also the urban designer and landscape architect of concept design of  Green Corridor of provincial Eindhoven, which is currently being worked out by Nieuw Blauw. As a crucial part of this Green Corridor, the Moorland-Bridge over the Wilhelminakanaal will become a new recreational bicycle connection between the Market of Oirschot, the center of Eindhoven and Het Groene Woud.  More about the Green Corridor and the project procedure please also see client's website here (in Dutch). 

more information: Moorland-Bridge over Wilhelminakanaal

  • Original bridge design issued by West 8 for the tenderOriginal bridge design issued by West 8 for the tender
  • current design by Team Ballast (c)Gemeente Oirschotcurrent design by Team Ballast (c)Gemeente Oirschot