Oirschot Bridge
2013 ongoing, Oirschot, the Netherlands

The original bridge designed by West 8 consists of an iconic wooden main span with half-timbered structure that rests on two robust brick headlands on both banks of the Wilhelminakanaal. The bridge runs diagonally across the canal in connection with the unique view line looking at the tower of St. Peter's Basilica Church. This monumental design of the bridge refers to the traditional and historic character of the Oirschotse center, while the bridge presents itself as a new and iconic element in the region when completes.

The construction team led by Ballast Nedam will help municipality of Oirschot for the elaboration and construction of the bridge. West 8's design of the half-timbered wooden bridge presented in 2017 to the public. The bridge extensions leading to the main span are skillfully fitted into the landscape with a minimal footprint. This elegant and simple gensture gives not only a perfect connection to both banks, it creates also an illusion that this momumental bridge floats from bank to bank at the canal crossing.

Transparency and slenderness are the focus of West 8's original design for the bridge. These qualities can be traced back in all components of the present design. The compact and horizontal alignment of the current deisgn also temps the visual distance towards the houses on the northshore of the canal that hails a strong identity. While merging into its green surroundings, the bridge with wooden deck made of Azobé, matches the recreational character of the Green Corridor. 

With the feedback collected during several public meetings in the past years with participation of local residents, great attention has been paid to the visual nuisance of the bridge. Construction of the bridge will start in October 2018.

West 8 is also the urban designer and landscape architect of concept design for the Green Corridor of provincial Eindhoven, which is currently being worked out by Nieuw Blauw. As a crucial part of this Green Corridor, this Oirschot Bridge over the Wilhelminakanaal will create a new recreational bicycle connection between the Market of Oirschot, the center of Eindhoven and Het Groene Woud.  More about the Green Corridor and the project development please also see website of Eindhoven here (in Dutch) for details. 

Municipality of Oirschot
Ballast Nedam, in collaboration with wUrck, Wagemaker, Wijma Kampen and Nauta Heeg and Royal Haskoning DHV (construction phase)
Adriaan Geuze, Ronald van Nugteren, Agostino Bubbico, Gaspard Estourgie, Jan Willem Terlouw, Joost Koningen, Keren Yang, Perry Maas, Rikus Beekman