Tverskaya Zastava Square
2016 ongoing, Moscow, Russia

Located in the heart of Moscow, at the beginning of Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, Tverskaya Zastava square regularly meets guests arriving in Moscow. The territory of the square is included in the protected zone of cultural heritage sites, individual buildings have received the status of monuments. Led by Adriaan Geuze, West 8 team has been working with Strelka KB to revitalize the Tverskaya Zastava Square and surrounding area since the end of 2016. The tasks of improving the square included: to separate and redefine traffic flows according to their types and speed, to regulate parking to its maximum logic and to bring back the area to its designated function as a station square. Until now, the area has been a complex and unregulated transport junction with chaotic parking throughout the area. As explained by Geuze: "People who come to the Belarusian station cannot use the area properly. They parked their cars, but do not get the first proper impression of Moscow city. We needed to bring the territory back to this key function."

On the north side the square is framed by the Belarusian Railway Station, built at the beginning of the 20th century by architect Strukov. The concept by West 8, based on the recently updated transport scheme of the Moscow department, offers optimization of the use of space and gives priority to pedestrian connections. Square returns uniqueness and integrity.

The sidewalk connecting the Belorusskaya metro station and the station area with the park and the church square on the opposite side of the 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street will be framed with a special wide curbstone and a contrasting granite ornamentation pattern to reveal the face. Pattern inspired by the architecture of the historic facade of the station emphasizes the unity and purity of the sidewalk. The space for pedestrians will be expanded - it has been an unobstructed passage - along the whole area from the metro station to the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker through the station of the Belorussorgo railway station and the passage under the Overpass.

The former monument of Maxim Gorky will return to the park, located on a green island in the center of the square. It will be delicately surrounded by lime trees, giving a slight shadow on a hot summer day.

Landscaping of the area will be supplemented by additional planters located between the station buildings. From an previously abandoned wasteland at the side of Butyrsky Val Street turning into a cozy park area, this plan will be complimented with a pavilion, a tribute to traditional stand alone kiosk of Moscow city.

Moscow Government together with Strelka KB
Adriaan Geuze, Inna Tsoraeva, Alvaro Novas Filgueira, Floris Dreesmann, Harm te Velde, Juan Figueroa Calero, Mark van den Dungen, Mary Protsyk