Martin Biewenga

Martin Biewenga received his Masters in Urban Design from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands in 1996. At West 8 Mr. Biewenga works as a project director on large scale projects, and since 2003 he serves as partner for West 8.

Mr. Biewenga has led international design teams and worked on large scale urban designs, often related to shores and waterfronts such as the design of Watercity Vathorst near Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and Söndre Frihavn, Copenhagen, DK. In doing so Mr. Biewenga has brought specific engineering experience to West 8.

Mr. Biewenga carries teaching positions at schools and universities such as the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Planning Rotterdam and Amsterdam the Netherlands, Oxford Brooks University and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. As a well respected speaker Mr. Biewenga has recently given lectures at the Tokyo University, the University of Mexico City and Oxford, UK.