Two West 8 projects have won Russian National Awards for Landscape Architecture

Two West 8 projects have won the 'X Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture'. The announcement was made during the 10th Anniversary of the Russian Landscape Festival which was held from the 5th - 9th November. The last day of the festival was the inauguration of this year’s winners where 82 entries were submitted to compete in this year’s awards.

West 8’s Tushino Embankment project, winning entry of an invited competition in 2018, has won this year’s Gold Diploma award for “The best urban solution and planning project - conceptual”. West 8, in collaboration with Strelka KB, has won another Gold Diploma with Tverskaya Zastava Square in the category “The best integrated design of urban areas - built”. Tverskaya Zastava Square is a revamp project of the Moscow Belorussian Railway Station area under the greater framework of Moscow City’s ‘My Street’ scheme, also known internationally as 'Moscow Street Program'. Earlier this year, Moscow Street Program also won the 2019 ULI Global Awards for Excellence.

The Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture was established by the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia (ALAROS), together with the Union of Architects of Russia and the Union of Moscow Architects. During the festival period, an exposition of the works of the contestants was on display at the building of Moscow Central House of Architects. Official announcement of the award can be found here.

more information: Tverskaya Zastava Square

  • Tushino City Landscape Concept DesignTushino City Landscape Concept Design
  • Tverskaya Zastava SquareTverskaya Zastava Square
  • West 8 project leader Inna Tsoraeva presented the projects to the juryWest 8 project leader Inna Tsoraeva presented the projects to the jury