Adriaan Geuze wins ULI Netherlands Leadership Award for Outstanding Urban (re)Development
press release

On 22nd May, Adriaan Geuze, Director and Co-Founder of West 8, is announced winner of the ULI Netherlands Leadership Award for Outstanding Urban (re)Development at the ULI Netherlands Annual Conference which took place in Rotterdam. This year is the third edition of ULI Netherlands meeting. It features renowned international speakers from the world of real estate.

This year’s jury of ULI Netherlands Leadership Award for Outstanding Urban (re)Development consists of Wienke Bodewes (ULI Netherlands Leadership Award 2018), Bianca Seekles (ERA Contour), Jos Melchers (Municipality of Rotterdam), Cilly Jansen (Architectuur Lokaal), Edwin Oostmeijer (Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling) led by Pieter Hendrikse (JLL) who are faced with the task of honoring someone who works tirelessly for high-quality area development. The winners of the ULI Netherlands Leadership Award are typically giants in the world of area development and past winners include Peter van der Gugten (2017), Director of Heijmans and Wienke Bodewes (2018) former CEO of Amvest.

Jury chairman and CEO JLL Netherlands, Pieter Hendrikse comments, “There are major and urgent spatial planning challenges in the Netherlands: the food issue, infrastructure, climate change and housing demands. The limited space is under pressure. Adriaan Geuze is someone who offers sharp insights and is willing to fight for it. He is someone with a deep knowledge of society and knows how to apply that to spatial issues, with a vision of urban planning that leads to high spatial quality. Together with his office West 8, his projects are internationally praised for many years but he forms also Dutch landscape: in Netherlands he was urban planner of Borneo Sporenburg in Amsterdam, Strijp-S in Eindhoven, Amersfoort in Vathorst, Coolsingel in Rotterdam and Máximapark in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, to name a few.

Throughout the years, a few of West 8’s projects have been honored by Urban Land Institute. Madrid RIO project is one of the two winners of the 2018 edition ULI Urban Open Space Global Award. The Mixed-Use Development at Essex Crossing in New York City, which features a vibrant public park designed by West 8 and Beyer Blinder Belle, wins this year’ New York ULI’s Excellence in Mixed Use Development Award. Most recently, Moscow 'My Street' program, a project which upgraded more than 200 public spaces across Moscow between 2015 and 2017, where West 8 participated in collaboration with Strelka KB, is named as Finalist and is the only European Project nominated for 2019 edition ULI Global Awards for Excellence. Result of ULI Global Awards is yet to be announced during the 2019 ULI Fall Meeting in Washington D.C..

West 8 is an award-winning international office for urban design and landscape architecture founded in 1987. Over the last 32 years West 8 has established itself as a leading practice with an international team of 70 architects, urban designers, landscape architects and industrial engineers. West 8 developed projects all over the world in places such as Copenhagen, London, Moscow, New York, Madrid, Toronto and Amsterdam. The office gained international recognition with projects such as Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam (NL), Borneo-Sporenburg in Amsterdam (NL), Jubilee Gardens in London (UK), Expo \'02 in Yverdon-les-Bains (CH) and Miami Beach SoundScape Park (US). Many of the projects are the result of groundbreaking entries in important international competitions. Recently won competitions include Toronto Waterfront in Toronto (CA), Governors Island in New York (USA) and Yongsan Park in Seoul (KR).
Amongst the numerous awards received by West 8 are the Honor Award of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Lifetime Achievement Award for Architecture 2011, Mondriaan Fund (formerly BKVB),  the International Urban Landscape Gold Award (IULA), the Prix de Rome, the Dutch Maaskant Award, the Bijhouwer Award, the Rosa Barba First European Landscape Prize, the Green Pin and the Veronica Rudge Green Prize for Urban Design.
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