Landscape design Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier
1990-1992, Zeeland, The Netherlands

Five years after the works on the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier were completed West 8 designed the surrounding landscape by ironing out the sand depots into vast plateaus, covered with shells. Beds of shells are the ideal rest place for coastal birds at high water. They choose the field that gives the best camouflage, white birds choosing white shells and black birds choosing black shells. Here the fields are divided into geometrical patterns that contrast with the coastline and stress the artificial nature of the colonies. The plateaus offer the motorist crossing the storm surge barrier not just an intriguing bird-infested perspective of graphic patterns but also open up the panorama across the sea.

State department for Roads and Waterways
Adriaan Geuze, Dirry de Bruin, Erik Overdiep, Huub Juurlink, Paul van Beek