Landscaping Schiphol Airport
1992, Schiphol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

West 8 developed a strategy for a green Schiphol Airport that is based on the systematic planting of birches in all empty and unused spaces. 25.000 trees augment this birch plantation every planting season. The ‘green haze’ will put into perspective the facades and the viaducts and will bind together all parts of the entire airport into a coherent enclave.

The entrances to the buildings at Schiphol Airport are accentuated by large flower dishes which are planted with different colorful and flowering plants every season.

Furthermore West 8 realized, and will continue to design, a number of specific spaces like parking lots, a place for plane spotters, gardens and patios.

Schiphol Airport
Adriaan Geuze, Maarten Buijs, Cor Geluk, David Buurma, Dirry de Bruin, Edwin van der Hoeven, Erik Overdiep, Esther Kruit, Jelle Therry, Katrien Prak, Marco Garcia, Paul van Beek, Perry Maas, Rikus Beekman, Sandra van Assen