Papendorp Business Park
1999, Utrecht, The Netherlands

West 8 developed a strategy for landscaping the business park Papendorp, giving it a strong green character. Besides office buildings, the design envisions 1500 dwellings, sporting facilities, allotment gardens and a transferium.

Large grass fields bind together the individual buildings. The trunks of oak trees, that are planted in the grass, provide vistas to the different parts of the park.

Two large avenues carry the green design of Papendorp and together with the sidewalks and connecting squares and gardens they are the setting for urban life to develop within the next few years.

All parking takes place underneath the indiviual buildings or in parking garages that are covered by grassy green hills. This way the whole area keeps its green and clear character and at the same time facilitates to benefit fromthe strategic location of the business park between two main highways.

Project Bureau Leidsche Rijn
Nominated for Rietveld Award 2009
Adriaan Geuze, Edwin van der Hoeven, Fritz Coetzee, Jacco Stuy, Jelle Therry, Kees Schoot, Nigel Sampey, Theo Reesink