Pegaso City
2006, Madrid, Spain

In the direct vicinity of the Barajas Airport in Madrid, West 8 is working for a Dutch developer on the biggest Business Park of Spain. Within a given infrastructure and massing, West 8 has designed the public space, on a surface of more than 8 hectares, as well as the master plan for the architectural strategy, the programmatic specifications and the servicing of the private plots.

For the first time in Spain, the public space defines the quality of a business development for offices, retail, hotels and service buildings. The concept consists of various public spaces which create a clear address for the new enterprises and, at the same time, give the entire space a distinct identity, using the tools of landscape and urban design.

The tree structure of the central axe, on a total length of 600 meters, is entirely formed by a variety of existing and transplanted trees. These large characteristic trees, together with the strong pattern of circular squares and paths, dominate the central public space.

Inmobiliaria Urbanitas (part of European Property Development)
Adriaan Geuze, Christian Dobrick, Edzo Bindels, Alejandra Climent, Berthine Knaut, Carlos Saldarriaga, Enrique Ibáñez González, Freek Boerwinkel, Juan Tur, Michael Gersbach, Perry Maas