Vander Park Residential Landscaping
2015-2016 under construction, Moscow

Vander Park is a high density residential complex located in the west of Moscow in the Kuntsevo district, at the intersection of Yartsevskaya street adjacent to the Rublyovskoye highway. The 8 high-rise residential towers, each up to 26 floors, are designed by de Architekten Cie, while West 8 is responsible for the landscape design.

In order to balance the much-restrained architectural volumes, West 8 added smooth and elegant landscape solutions that aim to intensify flexibility and affluence to the open space. The existence of various areas of green open space is considered an important key for maintaining the integrity and quality of the residential environment.

Inside the semi-public courtyard, an atmosphere of coziness and comfort will be created. Residents of Vander Park will be able to enjoy the green public space in a series of rich garden spaces, each with their own character and theme. Natural granite stone used with various treatments will add a tint of lavishness to the design. This substantial green roof terrace requires thoughtful choices of vegetation and advanced rooftop garden landscaping technology is applied.

Construction of Vander Park was started in early 2016. Completion is estimated in 2019.

PIK-group development
Architect: de Architekten Cie
Structural engineer: APEX project bureau, Moscow
Urban Awards 2017 Moscow in categpry ‘The best residential complex under construction in Moscow’
Adriaan Geuze, Inna Tsoraeva, Penne Hangelbroek, Agostino Bubbico, Eva Recio, Laura Font Gallart, Perry Maas