Miami Beach Soundscape Park
2010-2011, Miami Beach, USA

Miami Beach Soundscape Park is one of the final pieces of the Miami Beach City Center Redevelopment Plan, an ambitious redevelopment of 5.86 acres at the heart of Miami Beach’s City Center district.  Located at Washington Avenue and 17th Street in South Florida Miami Beach Soundscape Park strives to establish a new precedent for parks in the City of Miami Beach.

While an urban park of around 3 acres might often features more hard surface than soft, Miami Beach Soundscape Park’s site-specific conditions, context and program elicited a unique response. A decision was made early in the design process to deliver a green park, not a plaza.

The park, which feels intimate, shady and soft supports the world-class attraction of the New World Symphony Building. Reflects the spirit and vitality of Miami Beach and supports a multitude of day and night uses, either under the shade of the trees or a starlit sky.

The park also includes some one-of-a-kind features. Firstly, several pergolas embrace the park edges; their shape inspired by the puffy cumulous clouds inherent in South Florida’s tropical climate. Their hand-fabricated painted aluminium structures not only provide shade but also support the spectacular blooms of bougainvillea vines; highlighting a threshold of colour at the parks points of entry.

One of the Park’s most prominent features is an unprecedented, distinctive, and ambitious audio-visual program: which provides a free space to sit, view, and hear performances at concert level quality in the Park. The design of a family of custom architectural elements– the Ballet Bar, the Projection Tower, and the Media Hydrants – transformed what could have been an overwhelming number of park structures into an integrated and lyrical park element.  

Soft, undulating topography is reinforced visually by a white concrete mosaic of meandering pathways, and white concrete seating walls that provide options for informal seating. These two critical elements of the park design convey an illusion of a park larger much larger than its 2.5 acre envelope. While 'veils' of palm and specimen tree planting conceal and reveal views further reinforcing the experience.

Open to the public in January 2011, Miami Beach Soundscape Park is a unified expression of recreation, pleasure and culture. Combined with the momentum of the symphony halls uses and outstanding architecture, the New World Symphony campus has become a world class destination that marries music, design, and experience.

In the summer 2011, shortly after its completion, the Miami SoundScape is listed as one of the top ten “Best Outdoor Movie Theaters” by 'Travel+Leisure Magazine' in America.

Computer animation through the park

City of Miami Beach
2015 ASLA New York Chapter Honor Award, 2012 AIA Institute Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design, 2012 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, National Council of Structural Engineers Associations, Frederic B. Stresau Award 2011, Florida ASLA's Award of Excellence 2011
Adriaan Geuze, Jamie Maslyn Larson, Joris Weijts, Blair Guppy, Claire Agre, Daniel Vasini, Gaspard Estourgie, Karsten Buchholz, Matthew Skjonsberg, Perry Maas, Pieter Hoen, Rachel Laszlo Tait, Rob Koningen, Ronald van Nugteren