2001 ongoing, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Area Developemnt With Creative talent

Strijp-S is an area of 27 hectares on the outskirts of the city center of Eindhoven, which for decades was the exclusive industrial area of Philips until the company withdrew from this terrain in 2000. West 8 designed the master plan in 2001 for the revitalization of the former industrial terrain, and has continously been involved as supervisor of the development. After 18 years of effort, the area has been redeveloped into an inviting part of the city with work functions, urban living (more than 4,000 new homes) and numerous facilities. By offering affordable work and living space (including nursing home function), the new Strijp-S helps to retain creative talent for the city.

A strong characteristic of the new neighbourhood is the combination of existing buildings with new estates.

The core of Strijp-S is formed by a sixty-meter wide iconic urban axis, which runs through the complex. The so called ‘Torenallee’ is densely planted with trees, features new public spaces, street décor including characteristic lighting and furniture, ornamental kiosks, and two sculptural buildings.

Parallel to the Torenallee are two urban boulevards, with wide profiles and a thick canopy of trees, which serve as high quality addresses for the new housing estates. Alongside one of the boulevards is an intimate square, surrounded by various restaurants and bars, and a multi-purpose lawn field.

In 2013 the Trudo, the Driehoek and the Anton by Diederen Dirrix, three key plots within the urban redevelopment plan were substantially completed. This milestone was nationally acknowledged when Strijp-S won the Dutch Gulden Feniks (Golden Phoenix) award in the 'Area Transformation' category.

Success of Strijp-S is again recognised in 2019 by winning the NEPROM Prize, a prize for honoring successful cooperation between municipality and market parties on area development. The jury emphasizes that the Strijp-S displays a successful role model for area development in the Netherlands. From the outset of West 8's master plan, 'a multifunctional and mixed city has been deployed here with great enthusiasm, with a great deal of respect and inventiveness in dealing with the existing built and social structure'. 'The partnership of the city and the developers involved has shown how an adaptive plan with strong core values and intensive user involvement can drive the comprehensive and long-term area development, resulted in creating an attractive and popular area in the city, where many would now call as 'home'', said the jury.

The official website of Strijp-S (in Dutch), vividly illustrates how this urban transformation has come to life.

Park Strijp Beheer
Gulden Feniks Award 2013, NEPROM Prize 2019
Adriaan Geuze, Edzo Bindels, Christoph Elsässer, Igor Saitov, Jacco Stuy, Joost Koningen, Kees Schoot, Matthew Skjonsberg, Perry Maas, Robert Schütte, Sander Lap, Theo Reesink