Leerpark Dordrecht
2003, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

The design for Leerpark Dordrecht envisions a contemporary urban district. It is a lively and small scale area that connects in a natural way to the surrounding neighborhoods. It offers space to students, teachers, entrepreneurs and residents to flourish.

The heart of the new Leerpark is formed by a park that has the atmosphere of a university campus. Here students and residents can play, stroll and study.

The 15 meter wide Leerpromenade borders the park and connects the public transportation stops with the school buildings. The buildings are conveniently arranged so that they can function independently or as a whole. The Leerpromenade widens into the Da Vinci Square where there is space for restaurants and retail.

In the south of the park is a residential neighborhood with room for living and working as well as a sculptural apartment building.

Leerpark Dordrecht
Proper Stok, Heijmans
Iconproject for Urgenda (2010), Omgevingsprijs 2008 (Insula College)
Adriaan Geuze, Edzo Bindels, Kees Schoot, Perry Maas