Playa de Palma
2008, Mallorca, Spain

In 2008 West 8 won the competition for the transformation of 1450 hectares of Playa de Palma tourist area and subsequently designed a preliminary master plan with diversity as a basic principle. The new Playa de Palma will be the sum of different identities providing for various areas with multiple experiences. Here tourists and residents can coexist and enjoy culture, landscape, wellness, sports, shopping and local gastronomy in an exciting Mediterranean atmosphere. The major tourist hub will be reconnected to the incredible beauty of the islands landscape and encourages tourists to venture beyond the beach.

Adriaan Geuze about the masterpan Playa de Palma

Enrique Ibáñez González about the masterpan Playa de Palma

Consorcio Playa de Palma
Adriaan Geuze, Edzo Bindels, Juan Tur, Alejandra Climent, Askar Ramazanov, Christian Dobrick, Claudia Wolsfeld, Daniel Vasini, Enrique Ibáñez González, Fiona Endres, Gabriela Bojalil Rebora, Igor Saitov, Joris Weijts, Juan Figueroa Calero, Marco van der Pluym, Matthew Skjonsberg, Pieter Hoen, Sander Lap, Yichun He